Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A new year

As the holiday season comes to a close we open the door to a fresh new year. New beginnings that often bring disappointment before the end of the first week.
Listening to a news story, I over heard that only 8% of folks that make a new year resolution actually stick with it. And if I have learned anything about myself over the years, it's that I don't like to be a statistic.
Okay, actually I haven't really learned that but it sounded pretty good. 
Truth is, I only have one thing that I want to do this year and I am certain that I can stick with it.  I want to love my family and be with them as much as possible through the coming year.  See, not hard at all.
I do have a few ideas though,  and I hope we can incorporate them into our home with out to much hassle.
1. Eat dinner at the dining room table.
2. No electronic devices at meals.
3. Try and get to Church service once a month.
4. Once a month, enjoy a family outing.

I don't want to feel like everything has been destroyed if we miss something now and then, we will just carry on. I feel like starting with something small is just what we need to do now to ensure that we have a strong family bond years from now.
Here's to the New Year!

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