Friday, October 21, 2016

Minnesota State Fair

Today we got to take Baby R to the Minnesota State Fair. We had a great time visiting all sorts of different attractions.

Baby R was excited to ride the water ride in the warm afternoon sun, but was none to happy with the outcome of actually getting wet.

We also enjoyed another yearly round of the letter forest to add names to pool noodles. Baby R got in on the fun a bit more this year as he has learned his letters and now recognizes his name.

Goodnight talks

I have started a fun little night time routine with baby R, and I love it. Of course bedtime has become one of my most favorite times of each day, even thought it no longer involves me getting to rock my sweet boy to sleep. We do however have a blast!

Bedtime now involves books. One to read and one to put stickers in. Usborne has a great selection of sticker books for every interest. Baby R is loving the Zombie one right now. But we switch it up to keep life wild. After we read, as a family, then Mr R and I ask 4 great questions.
1. What was your favorite part of today
2. What did you not like about today
3. How did you show kindness to someone today
4. Do you have any questions for us

We have had some great conversations, mostly silly, some heartwarming, some actually serious. I am so glad that we do this.

My absolute favorites include (from different nights of course)

*When I made his Shark halloween costume.
Mrs R- What was your favorite part of today?
Baby R - eating all the krill

*After a day of Daycare
Mrs R - Did you show someone kindness?
Baby R - Yes
Mrs R -How did you do that?
Baby R- Respect
Mrs R- oh, how did you show respect?
Baby R- I respect ice cream

*When we visited the pumpkin patch
Mrs R - What was your favorite part of today
Baby R -  Uncle Randall and Kiki

*When we had a family birthday party (favorite because I wouldn't have know)
Mr R- What did you not like about today
Baby R - cousin J was mean to me, does he have to come back tomorrow?
Mr R - no, he won't be back to see us tomorrow
Mrs R- But we need to remember to show kindness to people, maybe he was having a bad day.
Baby R - He made me very sad.
Mr & Mrs R - **HUGS**

*When Baby R got a package of books in the mail
Mrs R - What was your favorite part of today
Baby R- My blue whale blues book **breaks into song**

*When Mrs and Baby had a date to visit the fire-station
Mrs R - What did you not like about today
Baby R - my brain got frozen from my ice cream

*After a day at Daycare
Mrs R - What was your favorite part of today
Baby R - kissing all the girls

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The things kids say

If I had the time, or the memory to write down every silly thing that baby R said...boy, what a wonderful story I would have.
Tonight after dinner, Mr. R and myself were watching TV and baby R was in his playroom.  We heard a cute little voice singing the ABC's. When he came out he acts if he wasn't singing.  So to try and inspire another round, I start singing.  He just looks up and me and says, "not now, Ma-maj."
Guess I just don't have the singing voice I thought I did.
I just get a kick out of his silliness.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Woof, woof woof and woof.

Oh dear, here we go.  If a boy needs a dog, we definitely found the dog for our boy. After a few months of watching and waiting and searching and paperwork,  we adopted a dog today from Ruff Start Rescue. 
His name from the rescue was Carlin, but I think as a family we are in agreement that he will be Dodge. Mostly because baby R can say that and it doesn't sound like any bad words (at least at this point).
He is a goofy dog, about 3 years old, and just as mild mannered as we could have hoped for. 
I think the waiting has paid off! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Fooling around here

I am really not much of a prankster,  but i am kind of disappointed that, being April Fool's day and all, i didn't have the energy or time to pull off any tricks today. 

Baby R has been sick, again! So Mr. R stayed home and snuggled and kissed him and just got to hang out. They both needed to spend some time together with nothing to do.

Maybe next year...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The big poo

We all know it's coming,  but when and where it will strike the first time is anyone's guess.
Tonight though Mr. R got know, the poo in the bathtub from baby R.
I have to admit, it was so disgusting.  But Mr. R really took it quite bad. I wasn't sure if he was going to throw up or cry or both.
I am sure everyone has a story about it, and I kind of wish I could have gotten a bit of video to show you,  that was just way to gross.
Here's to hoping that next time,  because we know there's always a next time, I will know how to handle it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Social media

I am done! 
Okay,  truth is I want to be done but I am to far away from my old world to be done. 
Let me explain,  or try to at least. 
Mr R and I have totally normal families,  if crazy off the wall is the new normal. 

I just started to get a little comfortable with Mr R's little brothers new girlfriend. And by comfortable,  I mean I actually accepted her friend request on Facebook and Pintrest.  Next thing I know, little brother is sending out a mass email to friends and family letting them know their romantic (comedy) is finally over and he understands if we still want to be friends with her, but just to let everyone know that she is a lying dirty no good such and get the point. Truth is, I couldn't care less.  I have nothing in common with either of them.

My family is no better.  Mr R and myself have been sending requests to my brother for years now. I seem to be ignored quite easily though as I see he has added my ex husband to his growing list of super studs. Maybe this was just to get me back for befriending his ex wife so I could see photos of my nephew's 2000 miles away. But this got me nowhere because I was trying to be nice and I added his new wife as a friend this last summer and in doing so I made the ex wife mad and she Un - friended me. So now I have resorted to being friends with my brothers ex sister in law who only remembered me briefly at the wedding because she is 16 years younger than me, and she only sees our nephew's once or twice a year.  For crying out loud,  if my mother would just learn to use a camera as easily as she finds the send game request button for every silly fantasy game she plays there.

Don't get me started though,  mom's on Facebook,  that's a dangerous situation too. Things that should never be said in public seem to find an open forum and I shamefully admit, I have done it. Lucky for baby R by the time he knows what is being said and shared all over Facebook, every other child his age will have equally demeaning posts about them as well.